Share the grunt

recently my best friend and I have been bickering over how we handle stuff. getting in each others business. pushing. heckling. blah blah.
it’s hard cause this happens cause people care about each other. we have things in our head of how we want them to go. how things should be handled and what makes sense… and it’s worse when you can’t see eye to eye with what those things are. it’s nerve wrecking. jarring.
it’s hard to strike a balance between letting someone you love be indipendent , helping them, not pushing them, letting them win, have their own views, and still expressing what you want and not being a dick about it.
this applies to families. friends. lovers. spouse. anyone you care for.
distance doesn’t help much either. I feel it only makes things worse. no matter how un fun it is and how much it hurts … I think dealing with these things and constantly living this mentality is the only way to stay sane.

the real key besides constantly bangin that nail… is to make sure to understand both sides. see if we can do something the OTHER person wants. not just our own selfish desires.

2 thoughts on “Share the grunt

  1. Interesting thoughts. I agree. I think everything is a process of active communication and negotiation, active internal and external monitoring, such is the dynamic process of life and social interactions. Not easy for sure, but we try our best.

  2. You’re so funny! You certainly weren’t kidnidg on the many changes. I should take a lesson from you … I’ve had the same hair, mmmm, for 4 years? Well, no 32 years – aside from that dreadful spiral perm in the 7th grade!

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