All the big announcements from Google’s Pixel event | Android Central

Google came out the gate swinging. All cool stuff. And definitely innovative considering Alphabet’s business model as an advertising focused company.
So much of the innovation is on the backend. So the main question is …. will it sell?
It’s sleek. Cheap. And does cool stuff.
Better than apple.
Everything they selling from a front-end consumer perspective ….. isn’t really that flashy.

At the end of the day …. I think not much hype will come as people aren’t tech savvy enough to leverage the coolness.

What it WILL do. … is raise the bar for what tech needs to do.
Ex. Chrome cast is now cheap and does 4K hdr. If apple wants to stay relevant they NEEDS to at least update Apple TV to punch 4K. (HDR is hit or miss. Good contrast specs will do it just as good)

Same for that snazzy VR. Portable. Decent VR at $70?!? Sure. It’s not as high end as oculus. But $1,500 vs $70? A mid point has to follow.

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