iPhone 6 vs 6 Plus Differences

For those of you that are asking “what’s the difference between the new iphone 6’s, besides screen size????” here ya go :  iphone 6 and 6 Plus (6p) :

    1. The 6p is bigger.  Much bigger.
    1. The 6p is MARGINALLY thicker… though you won’t notice it.  0.2mm
    1. With the 6p being bigger, the screen is bigger, and so is the resolution.
      1. 6 is 720p HD, 6p is 1080p HD…. Basically.
    1. The 6p also has SLIGHTLY WORSE contrast…. But again, you likely won’t notice it
    1. Both are identical with CPU and GPU and RAM.
    2. While this means the same processing power…. TECHNICALLY the 6 might be faster.  MIGHT.  Due to the 6p having to do everything at a higher resolution… it’s POSSIBLE there will be a performance difference making the 6p SLOWER when playing games or very graphically intensive apps.
    3. Again this is all hypothetical.  Apple is maintaining they are the same.  I’m only saying what EVERY OTHER computer in the world has had to deal with since the dawn of graphics.
    1. The 6 is 14hrs talk, 6p is 24 hrs.  Basically the bigger phone gets ~50%  longer battery usage for almost everything.

    1. Both identical in sensors and lenses and imaging capabilities
    1. The 6p gets OPTICAL stabilization… the 6 uses software. (6p is better in low light situations)
      1. This does NOT apply to the selfies camera.  Both of those identical
    1. Identical.  iOS8


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