Enchantment – Guy Kawasaki Book Review

this book is very… Enchanting. Guy’s prose and form of explaining the psychology behind what people go through when enchanted… as well as the power of enchantment… is absolutely enthralling.

This was a fun read, very educational, and while many topics are common sense and we SHOULD know them already… it helps a lot to have someone lay them out and get a 3rd point of view.

well written, well read, easy to follow… and a wonderful sense of “peace with the future interactions” is the sense i got when all done. very happy.

keep in mind this is a self-help type book. there are plenty of clear examples and guides of HOW to achieve enchantment… what triggers to enact to get enchantment going…. all wonderful and beautifully put together.

i ‘d say some parts are longer than expected…. but… very rarely…. but at the end of the day…. the book is good at keeping the user engaged, and as expected, shows you how it’s done.

keep a clear head about you… this is not a “how to sell” book. very much the opposite. it’s not teaching how to motivate or how to have ANY specific selfish motivations…. it’s more about mutually benefiting from interactions and learning the value of enchantment as a way of life. think more karma rather than getting what you want.


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