2 year anniversary of a happy day……

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the happiest day of my life….. 2 years ago on this day … this woman entered my life…. She’s got a smile and energy when she walks into a room…. that captures every heart. Everyone loves her…. and can’t help adoring her…. sometimes i hate how much she’s loved by everyone…… adored by[…]

All the big announcements from Google’s Pixel event | Android Central

Google came out the gate swinging. All cool stuff. And definitely innovative considering Alphabet’s business model as an advertising focused company. So much of the innovation is on the backend. So the main question is …. will it sell? It’s sleek. Cheap. And does cool stuff. Better than apple. But…… Everything they selling from a front-end consumer perspective ….. isn’t[…]

Move to Vegas…

Some recent updates on my new life?  Linda and I got married! She quit her job and is now moved to Las Vegas with me…. Looking for work.  Also got implants… She healed good and looks great….. Also my arm got sliced bad in one of our fights and I’m now healing for 2 months with no exercise… So I’m[…]

Beauty of Age

In our daily dealings, going on abouts, my  gf often asks me if I find younger women attractive.  I’ve been noticing a pattern in the insecurity she shows…. Related to comparing herself to others.  Usually it manifests in a fear of someone’s youth being desirable, or their height, size.  Granted, some of these things, I did, at one point, find[…]

Dealing with Addiction

There’s all kinds of addiction.  Drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling,… Hookers crying.  Point being there’s tons.  This isn’t about how to cope with addiction… Or how to handle it in yourself.  This is going to be a story about what it’s like for those that have to deal with an addict.   See, addiction… While it comes in many forms… Essentially[…]

Asia 2016 – police stop

So last night while I was partying with my buddy, in the taxi… As we going down the road around 5 am…. All of a sudden, the car stops.  And cops surround us.  They flash lights at us… And ask us… Politely to step out of the car.  I get out… First thing they do is show SHOCK at my[…]