Dealing with Addiction

There’s all kinds of addiction.  Drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling,… Hookers crying.  Point being there’s tons.  This isn’t about how to cope with addiction… Or how to handle it in yourself.  This is going to be a story about what it’s like for those that have to deal with an addict.   See, addiction… While it comes in many forms… Essentially[…]

Asia 2016 – police stop

So last night while I was partying with my buddy, in the taxi… As we going down the road around 5 am…. All of a sudden, the car stops.  And cops surround us.  They flash lights at us… And ask us… Politely to step out of the car.  I get out… First thing they do is show SHOCK at my[…]

Asia 2016 – butterfly conservatory 

Went to the butterfly conservatory today.  Mmmmmm meh?  It’s nice enough… Though I wouldn’t go again … Not sure I can even recommend going at all. They only had 3 kinds of butterflies … And moths…. None of which were very impressive.  They were quite a few flying around… But nothing you wouldn’t see on a nice day in a[…]

2016 Bangkok – Octave rooftop bar

last night, after a dizzying gym session, where I tried to outrun the sun as it kept burning my tender burned skin…. I went with friends to Octave Rooftop bar (on my list of things to do). The view is quite amazing.  Had dinner at the Bbq place on the 2nd floor first.  The octave doesn’t serve actual food… Just[…]

2016 Bangkok – gay club

Last night after a gym session, I went to a few clubs. First I went to visit an old friend at a club called sing sing. It had a very Chinese vibe and the entertainment consisted of a DJ spinning while various Thai girls in KISS costumes did the tongue out “Rock on” symbol at each other for hours on[…]

Asia 2016 – Bangkok 

I’m missing my ex gf a lot lately.  Her voice, smile, laughter.  I feel so fortunate in life that I got to meet someone so beautiful and amazing.  She made me laugh till tears came out of my eyes.  Sure, when she had tears coming out of her eyes, I’d get turned on… But that’s just dacraphilia.  I really feel[…]