Alen Knight is a pseudoname for a character…. in many ways representing the ideal self.  When Alex came to the USA as a young child, he was lost, confused, frightened…. and worst off… lonely.  His parents had to work long hours and he would often never see them for days or weeks at a time.  He didn’t speak English, and was socially awkward… making it difficult to make friends.

With time; he developed his own imaginery friends…. more like imaginary role models.  A child knows how to entertain themselves, but often times, they need to do things they don’t want to do, but must.  cook… eat… sleep… make the bed… clean…. while boring for a child…. they become necessary when living in a downtrodden dungeon of an apartment with rodents scurrying around trying to get the last scraps of moldy bread in the corner.   A clean house is one with less rodents.  Alex used “Alen Knight” to motivate himself to do the things he needs to do.  He was the ideal version of himself.

As he got older, Alen Knight became the main character in stories, poems, and short writings.  Still the ideal self.

Why Alen Knight?  Alen is a play on “alex”.  Knight?  Oh! from Knight Rider of course!  The only tv show a non-english speaking young child could bear to watch late at night while his parents were working at fast-food restaurants.  KIT and the name Knight stood in his mind… and in many ways influenced his upbringing and adoration of American muscle cars.

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