Border Wall Not Meant to Keep Them Out?

Bidding’s started on the wall that separates USA from Mexico along the Texas border.  Much of Trump’s campaign has been focused around the illegal immigrants aspect.  Basically, he captured about 20% of the USA votes based on the concept of keeping them out of america.  somehow the “bad hombres” are all crawling across the border, and the entire foundation of america is at risk due to these insane amount of mexicans all running across the border like a swarm of locusts. (ironically, nearly 60% of the bids are coming from mexican contracting companies– hey, tryin to make a dollar out of 15 cents)
Most of the “enlightened” amongst us, myself included, have been screaming how stupid this is. of course they have planes, they dig, they use boats.. c’mon… how’s a stupid wall gonna keep people out of America?  I mean, a large portion of our illegal immigrants are actually here by flying over!  and then just overstaying their tourist visas.
Today i thought of something. I mean.. can our president be THAT dumb to not know that?  i don’t think him a particularly bright man… but he can’t possibly be THAT naive.  and if he was… it possible none of his people thought to mention to him about the invention of planes?  or the vast network of tunnels across the border?
Sure…. a bunch of americans might not be bright enough nor care enough to think it through… but i’m willing to bet….. it’s actually NOT about keeping immigrants out.
here’s one scenario i thought about….
the Gulf of Mexico JUST opened in the past year.  So, due to the Cuban Missile Crisis in the mid 1960s, basically resulted in the Gulf of Mexico being a no go zone for any trade.  It’s full of resources, oil, untapped openings and channels for trade.  ALL that opened up for trade VERY recently…and it was an orchestrated, planned activity that pretty much everyone in the North and South Americas has been eagerly anticipating.
Now that it’s opened up :
  1. shipping lanes have opened and import centers all over the coast have boomed
  2. Texas has enjoyed FURTHER economic boom due to it’s central location for another import avenue
  3. docks and factories are springing up all along the coast and border
  4. oil has been found in the gulf of mexico….
  5. cuba has started booming like crazy, and the Americas (canada, mexico, usa) are all competing to get their business.
Ok… so what’s all this got to do with the border wall?
  1. China ships a LOT of stuff to the Americas.
    1. it costs a LOT to dock ships in California  and the west coast
    2. it costs A LOT to take a boat down the coast and while the docking costs in the gulf of mexico are cheap for now… the voyage itself is expensive….. in the 500,000 $ range per boat JUST to make the trip.
    3. China wants that oil.
  2. on top of other countries… all wanting the above
guess where they going?  Tijuana.  Mexico.  Tijuana and the coast on the west has boomed.  it’s been CHEAPER to dock in Tijuana, and take your freight on a truck… and drive it up into the USA.  companies are rapidly bidding to open roads, and lines of travel into the USA.  before the wall, Texas and mexico have been actively looking at how to monetize the need for China and other countries to travel through mexico and into the USA and Canada…. all to avoid docking in the Gulf of Mexico  ….
the wall, will make it VERY difficult for countries to sidestep laws, and go through other ports, build new roads, collaborate with state legislatures… etc.  the wall will essentially place the USA in a STRONG controlling position to manage not just imports/exports, but to tax everything to whatever level they want… not just mexico… but EVERYTHING that comes and goes through between… what’s essentially north and south america.  it will put the USA in a position to FURTHER control the Gulf of Mexico, docks, shipping lanes, and… basically screw over china.  if they play it right.
i don’t know if Trump is thinking that far ahead or scheming that way…. but i can’t possibly believe he thinks the wall will make a difference in how many bad people come into our country…. (the hate and racism will do that).
oh yeah.. then there’s all the dang railroads that are being reviewed as options for imports…. yeah… that’s another beast…..
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