Immigration and the Changes Coming


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, as of early 2017, Trump is president of USA, and he’s starting to build a wall to stop immigrants from coming through the southern border.  On top of that, England exited the EU, and numerous countries all over Europe are tightening borders.

Here’s a few points for you to  first know :

  1. I’m an immigrant to the USA.  I was born in Romania under communism, and my family came here under political asylum.
  2. Approximately 30% of new companies are started by immigrants.
  3. whether you like it or not, the new world order is globalization and sharing of information.  the technology we have today, allows that at a pace that’s unprecedented.
  4. if you look at history, EVERY country that’s opened their borders (including USA) has BENEFITED from immigrants.  actually it’s a 2 way street.  BOTH countries benefit.
    1. the poor immigrants, go to D (DESTINATION), and either work for less, lowering costs, do jobs others don’t want, and generally help out .
      1. they then SEND money back to H (HOME).  this actually accounts for a LOT of money in developed countries.  Example – india received almost $12Billion in 2015 from indians working abroad.  on average, $5,400 per year was received per household in India from indians working abroad. (China it’s like $14Billion)
      2. this is on top of what they do to pay taxes as well.
    2. for the educated classes these numbers go up.  WAY up.
      1. on top OF THAT… they also contribute to innovation and development as they bring new perspectives.
  5. i’ve seen first hand.  if you want your people to survive against competition.. PREPARE THEM! educate them.  the world won’t stop just cause you barricade the borders.  they will just go elsewhere.
  6. MANY immigrants move to a country… and regret it. and move back (these are economically the WORST.  they take resources and take them back. knowledge, taxes, income, education, etc….) … this is more due to cultural issues. usually.  easy example… when i moved to usa, my fellow romanians all thought money was growing on trees here.  when they realized how hard you have to work and how much competition there is… they ran back home.  essentially wasting america’s time.
  7. closed borders will have short term gains.  people will enjoy job security and increased demand for their skills.  but they will then start to get lazy and lack innovation… unable to compete down the long run.

Now, the ONE caveat i want to add… while i’m all for open borders, i do believe in not just letting anyone roam all over the place.  not because of economy… but simply because laws are different in EVERY country. and you can’t really thrive in our world today if you have an entire economies built on “sampling” anyone to come and go (as in the 6th point above)… that’s dangerous.  you want PEOPLE to come and stay and contribute.  that’s why you SHOULD have border control, and a way to weed out criminals, randoms, people who just wanna roam through.  the “bad hombres” as Trump put it.

Unfortunately the blockades are coming. all over the world.  particularly developed nations… in general… are building up “walls” one way or another.  France and England are now tightening borders like nobody’s business.  following right in line basically with what america is doing.

But…. i’m a worldly guy.  and this is a worldly world.  so here’s my ideas for what can be done :

  1. MOVE.  go to another country.  yes. you.  you’ll be fine.  trust me.  you’re gonna be in demand. research it.  if you white… head over to thailand, china, japan, latin america.  you asian?  go to canada!  south africa… etc.  i’m throwing stuff out there… but do your research. no matter you’re demographic… you’ll find you are IN DEMAND somewhere…. don’t be afraid to stereotype yourself a bit.  they will.
  2. Japan…. NOW is the time to open your borders.  you are the 5th largest economy, and you have BARELY a 7% entrepreneurship rate!!!  your peeps aren’t gonna start opening companies… y’all like working for corporations. ya’ll are good workers… not risk takers.  so open up your borders!!!  you will get a HUGE influx of people…. you’re rich, and well developed, and trust me… all the rest of the world can’t tell the difference between china and japan… it’s all Oriental to us…. so open up, and let in only educated people to come and they’ll help you out in the new world order.
  3. How to get the right people in?  funny you should ask.  Canada… hmm? well use a point system.  have points scored based on economic need fulfilled by that person (investing), education, career background, language, etc… basically figure out what you need, and let anyone who can contribute to your country’s needs come on in!  physical borders don’t do shit. people find ways in.
    1. on that note.. the reason people won’t run to america is NOT cause of the border wall.  the reason they won’t come in now.. is cause of the racism and hate ,  failing lifestyle, potentially destructive economy, and lack of opportunities.  good job.
  4. On the note of Canada… canada is openly inviting people who fit their needs in.  1 out of 5 canadians is born abroad… compared to 1 out of 10 in the USA….. other countries it’s even more abysmal.  what’s that done for Canada?  well they are growing faster than England, France, and USA … COMBINED… in the past year.  technically the number is small… 2.3%… but the other countries? stagnated.  in 2013… they all had solid 2.2~ ish GDP growth… but not anymore.  canada is going strong… simply based on their immigrants coming in and making shit.
    1. they also sport one of the best lifestyle satisfaction indexes in all the world.
    2. am i movin to canada? no. it’s cold  there… i don’t want that! BUT.. they are a great example to refer to for foreign policy.
    3. oh yeah… did i mention that while usa building walls and closing… canada just signed a bunch of trade deals with china?  yeah… that economic juggernaut across the pond.
    4. do i think canada is suddenly gonna overtake usa and be some juggernaut economic powerhouse?  no.  but it will be stable, and have a fun life, and basically take part in the new world order in a happy healthy way that’s good for almost all their people and technologically advanced

these rich countries that are shutting borders…. will start to have some serious issues down the line. the countries opening up will prosper and do well for themselves.

however, i always feel the BEST way to get immigration control is to do it in a way that keeps the smart people coming… organically.  look in USA, at this time, San Francisco is like a Utopia.  why doesn’t everyone rush there?  cause it’s expensive, and only the smart people can live there.  a genius making $300k in SF is basically middle class scraping by.  in LA they are a king.  there’s no laws that says they can’t go to SF… they just… don’t. cause it’s too much of a challenge.  invent, create, develop an organic culture that brings in only the best of the best… and keeps out the bad ones simply because it’s too hard for them to be happy there…. and the world will move on in a peaceful way.


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