New Life Updates

ok, so as you may know… i married this hot chick. (who doesn’t know who Gipsy Kings is… WTF?!?!?!)  we got her implants, she sliced my arm (total accident), we moved to vegas, we got a sweet apartment we renting, and this past weekend we did stabu shabu on my balcony, had friends over, watched movies, argued a bit as usual, and spent time with a new friend we met off craigslist!  on fremont street… yep… a guy that wanted to buy my couch .. we ended up being friends, chatting, and he joined us for drinks.  Since Linda speaks spanish… they got along great… .today we just relaxed and watched more movies (oh yeah she got her new iPhone 7 Plus.. pink).  btw.. if you watch the Shallows… awesome movie. it’s really awesome to be with her… married to her… i’ve never been in a relationship where the person i’m with wants me to be happy and shows that… … i’ mean… they’ve tried…. but… yeah.  i’m hard to deal with.  i told you i’d be ready in 5 min… quit calling me every 30 min asking where i am…. that kinda person.

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