Move to Vegas…

Some recent updates on my new life?  Linda and I got married! She quit her job and is now moved to Las Vegas with me…. Looking for work.  Also got implants… She healed good and looks great….. Also my arm got sliced bad in one of our fights and I’m now healing for 2 months with no exercise… So I’m basically eating and watching movies a lot…. Gaining weight…. Not like I have an ego or anything right?  The cast just came off…. And I’m starting to jog again…

The building we moved into is ridiculous.  2 BR, 2Ba…. With jacuzzi in the master bathroom…. Also there’s a private theater, and pool, cabanas, gym, office center… And we have a balcony with a decent view right on the strip….

Hope this life is just as good as the LA and SF life…..


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