Concussion – Movie Review

What it means to be an American. Heaven is here…. America is right under there.  America was the penultimate goal of what we should all dream, aspire, hope… To be.  To be an American… Was to say… That you are the chosen ones to live on this earth. That scene, from the movie, sealed it in for me.  There’s a lot[…]

WARRIOR review

Well, the movie was awesome. well done. beyond good drama, acting, storytelling, badassness, and ass-kicking action, with cringe-worthy money shots…. Tom Hardy proved to … beyond a shadow of a doubt… be the badass that is needed in the next batman movie. Kudos to Christopher Nolan for casting him for the next batman movie as Bane…. the masked assassin that[…]

UNKNOWN movie review

Let me cut to the raw bone here… if you’ve seen TAKEN… and liked it…. you’ll likely enjoy UNKOWN. if you didn’t… then your insane…. Kidding aside, it’s a decent movie, with decent plot development as well as a fun twist. but…. nothing outrageous that hasn’t been done before… many times… by the SAME actor. interesting how Lliam Neeson never[…]

Paper Man Review

I’ll come out and say directly… this movie was a bit of a letdown. It’s possible i expected too much… After all, the premise is one that hits close to home for me. A grown man has depended on a make-believe role model / imaginary friend to guide his moral compass through life. this is EXACTLY how Alen Knight came[…]

Thor Movie Review

What is it about the new Thor movie that I love? I mean, as a movie, I would put it on a par with the first Iron Man… or the third spider man… or even the second fantastic four…. yet… somehow… i got more excited about this movie than all of them.     Ok, let’s cover the bases. first, thor[…]

44 INCH CHEST – Movie Review

The movie starts with our protagonist, Colin, on the floor staring directly into the camera. Exacerbated. Tired. Worn. Desperate. You see, Colin is in quite a predicament. He found out his wife has left him for another man. To make matters worse…. For the other man…. Colin is a man that has friends in violent circles. And he has just[…]

Repo Men Review (2010)

the first thing to get out of the way …. is how gross this movie is. guys smacking people over the head with hammers, fingernails being ripped off, kneecaps getting ripped out… blood splurting out of esophagi… you get the picture. with that said, contrary to popular reviews, i felt this movie did a good job of balancing action, gore,[…]

Sex and The City : Movie Reivew

What can i say about this forced-down-your-throat-classic. It’s a classic. whether you like it or not. I didn’t watch the show, so i can’t comment on whether it’s suited to follow the series… however, friends tell me it is. And I’ve heard enough about the show from female friends that I could follow the general plotline and know the main[…]

Special : Movie Review

“Are you on drugs?” “Yes…. “ I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for a while… but haven’t had the chance to …. thus why i love long flights… get to catch up on movies i haven’t been able to see in a long time. Basically,….Lester, the main character leads what he believes is a dull life. in fact, it’s[…]