Gaming and micro transactions

So i have a question that i’ve been prodding around and wanted to take your view as it deals with the business side of gaming. For a few years now… and with MASSIVE growth in the past year… game developers have been moving towards micro transactions within games. In fundamental terms, the “free-to-play” games live and breathe off this model….[…]

PAYPAL.COM is down

UPDATE :, MasterCard and have been hacked today by Anonymous. Many users experiencing difficulty getting in as they have been taken down by the group in retaliation to Assange’s arrest and Wikileaks means of obtaining funds stopping. I saw the issues and couldn’t get into my PayPal account. The main page is down, but if you go by[…]

Price Fixing and Japan

For better or worse, “price fixing” is a Japanese cultural tradition. For generations their business model has been for like-minded organizations to get together and set prices. How about competition you ask? Well they create artificial …competition by setting obstacles, like who will have the highest sales of a product gets certain benefits in the community. I realize price fixing[…]

Romania organizes Riot via Facebook yeah… this story hits soooo many buttons. 1) The most ironic thing is that they actually care about another country! for better or worse… romanians usually do NOT get involved in other country’s politics… oh… except the Iraq war to get aid from USA…. which was pretty much stated openly… which in turn caused Bush to be very “disturbed”….[…]

China proposes new world currency

The Governer of China’s Central bank; Zhou Xiaochuan, proposed a new world currency today. Basically asking the world to unite the largest currencies into one as the standard around the world. The U.S. dollar, yen, euro and sterling. The advantages and disadvantages of this plan are plenty. The reasoning behind it is that as the global economies are delicate, and[…]

First day of training

So today I started my new SQL server training. Overall I’m really happy to be a part of this program. It’s the whole week and I’ll be in class 8 hours a day plus what I have to study at home. The main reason this comes to my benefit is that while I work with some talented SQL server admins[…]

Romanians dying and Microsoft’s confusion

Romania : Italy has been on a rampage against romanians. basically after the EU opened up borders, thousands of romanian gypsies have run away from romania and gone to Italy/paris/germany/england …. all the rich countries. The irony here is, romanians that are well educated can get good jobs and don’t need to run away from the country. They have the[…]