Not enough time for games!!!

Batman arkham city down. uncharted 3 down. What’s next? Saints row the third and portal 2….. Every October and November all the video game companies release their biggest blockbuster games… No… Not on Christmas. See… A lot of the people buying games are parents for kids. Yes as more and more video games are geared at adults and carry an[…]

Playstation Move Review

Well, this wont’ be a long review. Everyone already knows about the Playstation Move and what it does and how it’s basically a grown up big brother of the Wii. I’ll say some things clearly. It looks gay. your basically holding 2 Adult toys in your hands, with glowing sticks. why did they put the glowing sticks? well, the camera,[…]

God of War 3 Review

God of War 3 is very violent. with that said… it’s also awesome. epic. bloody. Kratos is out to punish the gods… and everyone else in his path. the gameplay is very tight, graphics are ridiculous, crisp, the acting is top notch…. basically feels like a REALLY well done hollywood movie. yes the game is linear, and yes, the game[…]

Heavenly Sword… AGain

I forgot how much ass kicking goes on in Heavenly Sword. watching Asami play yesterday was awesome! Know the movie “300”? Liked watching 300 half-naked muscle-men, kick ass? Imagine 300 half-naked muscle-men getting THEIR asses kicked…. by one … REALLY HOT half naked asian woman… with a BIG.ASS.SWORD.

Uncharted 2 : Review

I forgot to review Uncharted 2, simply cause i was too busy playing it. It’s an Awesome Game. that’s it. The acting is amazing, the characters are well developed, it creates a visceral feeling like a well done Hollywood movie (kind of like GI Joe… or Independence Day… also a good example….NOT transformers….)The graphics are great, the physics engine is[…]

Tekken 6 Review

Man, does Tekken 6 break my heart. The Tekken franchise was, for a long time, my favorite fighting game series. In fact, it was my favorite… until I just played Tekken 6… just now. Yep… in 2 hours of gameplay, it’s no longer my “favorite”. Ok, let me backtrack… the game is NOT horrible. It just does NOTHING to develop[…]

X-men Origins Wolverine PS3 Review

While the movie of the Wolverine Origins was mediocre… the game is a different matter entirely. Everything I complained about in the movie… was fixed in the game. The Story is almost nonexistent in the game…. PERFECT… not needed. The action is insanely over the top… PERFECT The violence is ridiculous… Bounty paper towels will NEVER get the stains out…[…]

Mirror’s Edge Review

I just finished this game. Overall very good. In the media there are mixed reviews of this game, but overall it was received positively. Mirror’s Edge is …. well… revolutionary in many ways. It takes the concepts of Prince Of Persia… or Ninja Gaiden…. the running… jumping… fast paced motion capture and agility… that thrilling feel of speed and wind[…]