Playstation Move Review

Well, this wont’ be a long review. Everyone already knows about the Playstation Move and what it does and how it’s basically a grown up big brother of the Wii. I’ll say some things clearly. It looks gay. your basically holding 2 Adult toys in your hands, with glowing sticks. why did they put the glowing sticks? well, the camera,[…]

iphone 4 Musings

Today’s WWDC had Steve Jobs front and center again, announcing the latest iteration of Apple’s communication device : the Iphone 4. Before i go on, … yes… i’ll be buying the new Iphone. reselling my old one will get me enough $$$ to buy the new one and leave me with some change afterwards. if i have to cancel later[…]

Sony DSC-Tx5 camera review

The first thing to realize about this camera is sony’s sales pitch: this camera is durable. It might not look like it. Or feel like it. But it is. Trust me…. Beyond the sleek front sheen, the tiny buttons, the touchscreen prone to smudges(but quite responsive) …. Is subtle little design touches that make this camera ideal for many situations.[…]

Tree Visualizer

My coworker got me on this recently. To get a fast interactive visualization of a large data structure in a tree…. basically it allows a user to visualize how data is accessed on a drive… still confused? ok… let me show you… And here’s a sample … of the japanese porn that seems to keep getting accessed on my system….

mac os x activity monitor

In the windows world, when a system starts to act up, you often go to the taskmgr (start>run>taskmgr), but how to do this in mac? it’s called activity monitor. you can find it in utilities, but i like to go to the SPOTLIGHT search at the top right (magnifying glass) and just type ACTIVITY MONITOR. This tool will help you[…]