Thailand trip flight

This flight is insanely long! 15 hours in a small coach seat… On the red eye …. No sleep…. Followed by a layover where I stand like a zombie teetering back and forth in a line in Guangzhou china hoping the security clearance guy doesn’t drill me on my vitamins, medications, male enhancement whatnots, condoms, and why I only have[…]

After Dark – Haruki Murakami – review

Finished Haruki Murakami’s After Dark.  gotta say… NOT his best work.  decent enough but pale in comparison to “Kafka on the Shore”. Basically the story follows a few characters in one night in Tokyo.  Centrally starting around a mundane and studious girls’ “adventures” in Tokyo’s more seedy underside.  Nothing extreme… but more of a …. ACCURATE depiction of what can[…]

Don’t you Dare Touch Her!!!

Put your hand out baby…. i’m going to kiss it one last time… I’m begging…. for you see… i have these demons inside me…. Mama told me they’d be coming… out … to eat you… she told me i got them from her…. they tore apart those before… i’ve broken and shattered such beautiful souls… so many pretty spirits… i’ve[…]

Some Health and Diet Myths has an amazing article in their blog section that … a lot of people, frankly, still refuse to believe.  I won’t debate anymore about it, as i’m tired explaining to people how the body works and processes food…. so here’s the blog and a summary of the main points. summary : 1. saturated fat does not cause heart disease[…]

the Dwarf and the Elven beauty

One of the most eye-opening … mind blowing comments i ever heard… “She’s too elegant for you…. ” This was a comment my mother made, after meeting my ex wife… How she walked, moved, smiled, how her lips moved when she spoke, how her eyelashes fluttered, how she got things (never reaching… yet somehow things magically “appearing” on her possession)…[…]

Hey, it’s ok to quit!

Once again, when the going gets tough, Japanese government officials get going.  I’m so sick of hearing all these Japanese politicians quitting their posts after some blunder, abandoning their responsibilities with nothing more than “meh… i tried… see ya!” The Japanese people are working so hard to recover and diligent to rebuild their lives… only to have the people that[…]