LIFE Savor

My boss did an awesome thing. He saved a life last night. We were talking and he was facing the street, while i had my back to it. all of a sudden he jumps forward, runs past me, and starts hollering for cars to “STOP! STOP!” i turn around… and see a blind man in the middle of the road.[…]

Promise to be happier

Read this article on some basic steps to be happier… here’s how i translate this into promises i make to myself to be happier….. particularly in my recent relationship problems : The things I will try to stop doing (Whether i actively do them or not… i will make a conscious effort to control and limit these) : 1)[…]

The shy ego

Interestingly, one of my managers was often ready to show and explain the wonderful and ingenious accomplishments he has had. Always with a tinge of charming self appreciation that just oozes… Nyah Nyah nyah na Nyah nyaaaaaaahhhhhh…. Yet…. I’ve noticed he quickly backs away from direct compliments. Deflects them, ignores them, turns red in the face….what have you. Quite a[…]

Romania organizes Riot via Facebook yeah… this story hits soooo many buttons. 1) The most ironic thing is that they actually care about another country! for better or worse… romanians usually do NOT get involved in other country’s politics… oh… except the Iraq war to get aid from USA…. which was pretty much stated openly… which in turn caused Bush to be very “disturbed”….[…]


So i am now in romania. its been a hard 2 weeks. i came here… got ripped off by a few taxi drivers… in one case i read the pricing wrong and ended up paying $30 for my taxi ride!!!!! umm… a 2 km ride should cost about $1 here…. ouch. had problems in stores. they keep the change. like…[…]